Within just over a month of posting the news about this wonderful retreat, all the open spots are full!  However, please let Lola know if you are interested in the trip and she will wait-list you in the event a spot opens up.  India, here we come!  lola@YogaLola.com.  And check us out at www.yogalola.com.  We have lots of great things going on!

Rishikesh is a city where the magic and mysticism of the East still abounds.  Here, one rubs shoulders with yogis, magis, swamis, ordinary citizens, cows, and monkeys, all along the revered Ma Ganges river.  Isn't it beautiful?  We took this picture in December of 2014 during our last visit there.

We are all on the journey towards wholeness, yearning to merge the separate parts of ourselves into a complete and coherent oneness. Yoga offers many technologies that make our journey easier and achievable. We share these tools, and so much more, during this Rishikesh retreat. Participants return home a brighter light in the world. And although we’ll be dedicated and focused on developing new skills, it’s certainly not all work and no play … there’s plenty of time in the agenda for shopping and doing excursions of your choice. Hotel Yog Vashishth helps participants customize free time into fun time!  And take home gifts for all your loved ones ... Silk, cashmere, jewelry and more is available in the market at incredibly low prices! 

Your adventure with Yoga Lola Studios' retreat leaders, Lola and Kevin, begins March 22, 2016 - March 28, 2016.  Together we'll explore Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, pranayama, meditation, chanting, and dance, and learn about Ayurveda.  Through use of these ancient practices, we'll discover aspects of ourselves that may be new to us.  That is the beauty of this once in a lifetime trip!  Click here for full retreat schedule.

This is Lola and Kevin's second trip to Rishikesh.  We've lead many retreats over the course of the last seven years, but this is our first International retreat.  Our first visit to Rishikesh was in 2014, and here are a few pictures while we were there.